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Established in 1883, William Widdop is our flagship brand founded as a clockmaker’s based in the Yorkshire town of Brighouse. The brand has long since developed into the Widdop Bingham of today, but with a strong focus on family traditions, the company continues to manufacture classic clocks as well as producing new, innovative designs under its flagship name.

Traditional clocks and barometers pay homage to the history and heritage of the William Widdop brand, whilst modern designs ensure the brand continues to appeal to a dynamic, contemporary society.

With a history that spans three centuries, William Widdop is rightly considered a distinguished and elegant name in the clock making industry, known for its authentic craftsmanship, outstanding functionality and remarkable beauty.

The legacy of William Widdop continues to evolve and the brand remains one of style, elegance and genuine character with a range that is consistent with the modern, contemporary consumer.

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